Executive Committee


They chair any meeting at which he or she is present and represent the club in any public forum or media presentation. If unavailable for such representation the president may delegate this responsibility to the Vice President or another suitable officer or member of the club. 

Vice President

They will chair any meeting in the absence of the president and assist the president in other matters as requested. 


Accepts all membership applications and fees, maintain an accurate register of all members, receive correspondence, produce and send out all correspondence in the name of the club, pass on membership moneys received with statements to the treasurer, report on correspondence received and dispatched, and any relevant administrative activities to club meetings. 


They will receive and bank all moneys received by the club and keep a correct account of all moneys received and expended, ensure all accounts are paid after approval of the Executive Committee in a timely manner, present financial statements to all club meetings and ensure that the books of account are maintained in a diligent manner acceptable to the auditor. The treasurer ensures that the books of account are audited annually and present that auditors report to the Annual General Meeting.

Management Committee

Race Day Duties


Stewards of a competition have supreme control and authority over the conduct of that competition.

They give any instructions or direction to the Clerk of Course of the meeting. They may alter/amend the program and supplementary regulations applicable to the meeting of in their opinion exceptional circumstances arise requiring amendments. May order the administration of any fuel, drug, or other test. May hear and determine any protest, may order any event to be restarted or rerun.

Clerk of Course

Subject to the control and directions of the Steward of a meeting, the Clerk of Course is responsible for its conduct and for the purpose.

They ensure that all subordinate officials are carrying out their duties fully. May exclude any competitor from any competition for any reason provided in the rules. Conducts riders briefing, stating any warnings about the track, flags meaning.

Race Secretary

The race Secretary is responsible for the organisation and management of a meeting and for those purpose. Must comply with the instructions of the Steward and Clerk of Course, publish notices and documents as directed.

Prior to the day

Ensure all the relevant permits and permissions have been obtained. The supp

Race Secretary

They are responsible for the organisation and conduct of all race meetings, including preparation of permit applications and supplementary regulations, distribution of supplementary regulations and entry forms, receipt of all entries, to pass on entry monies received with statements to the treasurer, preparation of race programmes, supervision of race meetings and providing the required returns and documentation to MSA in the stipulated time frame. 

Track Manager

They’ll be responsible for all track construction and maintenance ensuring the club’s track is in a safe and satisfactory condition for use during all times it is available to members. The track manager shall also be responsible for the formation of a track subcommittee if required and chair any such committee so formed.

Fundraising Officer

Is responsible for co-ordinating approaches to existing sponsors for specific event or other sponsorship, seeking out new sponsors, collecting the resulting funding, and ensuring that any commitments or undertakings made to businesses or individuals while obtaining sponsorships are fully implemented to the satisfaction of the person or business involved. The fundraising officer will also ensure that all sponsorships are followed up with provision of information such as copies of programs and letters or certificates of appreciation related to their contribution and maintain good club relationships with current and potential sponsors. 

MSA Delegate

They’ll be responsible for attending MSA general and/or motocross committee meetings and reporting the proceedings of these meetings to the Executive, Management Committee or General Meetings as required. Delegates are also responsible for representing the clubs committee on matters raised at MSA and Motocross delegates meetings and in particular resolutions that require voting by delegates.

Canteen Manager 

Are responsible for the management and upkeep of the club’s canteen and bar facilities as appropriate, including the ordering, purchase, storage and sale of all consumables, compliance with statutory health standards, collection and banking of money received through the canteen and bar, and effective rostering of staff during opening hours. The Canteen manager will also be responsible for the formation of a canteen subcommittee if required and chair any such committee so formed. 

Publicity Officer

They are responsible for co-ordinating and arranging a wide range of publicity and promotional activities to give the club and specific events minimum exposure by any means available. The publicity and promotion should include but not be limited to displays, posters, flyers, articles in local papers, community radio and other media outlets, personal appearances of riders at displays and activities of the above. they will maintain a professional outcome on all social media such as Facebook and Instagram. They will schedule routine maintenance and upgrading of the club website.

Rider Representative

Responsible for collecting, recording and reporting rider concerns, suggestions, and needs, including undertaking any requested rider surveys and reporting the results thereof to the Executive and Management Committees for consideration and action where appropriate. The rider’s representative should ideally be a current senior competitive rider familiar to, and easily approached by the majority of riding members.

Major Sponsor


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